Do you enjoy talking endlessly about Hollywood movies, the good and preferably the bad?  Do you stick with a TV show for six seasons, refusing to miss an episode, just because you happened to catch a preview for the show’s pilot?  Do you speculate about the lives of celebrities because you love them unconditionally?  Do you have daily grievances about the banal behaviors of the average man?  If yes, you are now in a safe and accepting place.

At New Kids on the Block, Chicago 2009

We are a brother and sister pair who like to rap about all of the above on a near continuous basis.  Sometimes when other people are around during these rap sessions, they laugh.  So, we decided to take things to the next level by sharing our musings, questions and critiques with the Internet.

We don’t always watch the same shows and we don’t always like the same movies.  But, we do always like rapping about them.  And we both always love Tom Cruise.

Please enjoy our comedic (and weirdly informative) stylings.

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