NBA Finals

In these Finals, fans are treated to a rematch of 2006, where Wade and Shaq’s Heat team was able to overcome Dirk and the Mavs.

This year, Dallas is a lot more solid and balanced than they were last time.  Unfortunately (as you may have heard), the Heat feature three of the best young players in the game.  LeBron and Bosh have joined Wade in Miami to create a formidable triad.  Similar (really similar) to what the Celtics did in combining Pierce, Garnett and Allen, the Heat are almost a lock to win this year’s championship.

What Dallas has going for them is their determination and the fact that they want to win so badly.  Because the Heat are such favourites and a loss would be a failure, perhaps they’ll be playing a little scared.

I hope for the Mavs in 7… wishful thinking.

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