H to the Stern

A cultured, educated woman like myself would rebuke a man of such low-brow crudities as Howard Stern, right?  Incorrect.  In fact, I am constantly aware that I am missing out on all his hilarious insights and interviews in my world of Sirius Radiolessness.  When I roll up to the Tdot I get the opportunity to give my mom’s Sirius walkman a spin (a gift from yours truly, no less) and live the magic.

As famous as he now is, Howard remains the awkward, beak-nosed geek of his youth.  He might be the most overtly insecure celeb of his stature.  It’s both admirable that he can showcase this vulnerability beneath translucent veneers, while also slightly grating that he still feels underrated.  He goes for the sexual jugular in his interviews with the biggest names, asking such crass questions as bedroom techniques and preferences.  Underneath that facade of sexual bravado lies the biggest star-humper in the universe.  He loves the celebrities with whom he shares this repartee and this is why I love Howard.  He’s as nerdily invested in the real lives of his famous idols as I am.

Here’s another reason I love Howard.  We have all the same tastes.  It’s almost eerie.  We seem to enjoy all the same terrible shows, but in the midst of that enjoyment, have the same grievances regarding those same shows.  I feel like Howard and I could have an amazing rap session.  Amazing.

Granted, I avoid all the weird stripper and show me your boobs segments because I get absolutely nothing out of them.  I accept that Howard is gifting his teen self with the fantasy world of his wet dreams.  Nonetheless, I believe that at heart he is really a family man who would be shamed if any of these harlots actually put the moves on him.  If in doubt, give Private Parts another whirl.  Not the greatest cinematic triumph to be sure, but it does illustrate the man behind the microphone is the most favorable light.

It was pointed out to me by Let’s Rap faithful fan Rachel that many Stern interviews are available on youtube.  I’ve been dipping into the selection.  If you feel the need to listen to some talk radio programming, may I recommend you start with this: Stern and his bestie, Mr. Beach Boy himself, John Stamos.

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4 Responses to H to the Stern

  1. Jesse says:

    It’s frightening, but getting passed the vulgarity of some of the segments, I find myself agreeing with a good 95% of everything Stern says. So, setting his sexual proclivities aside, I have to admit that he is sensible beyond his hair.

  2. Rachel says:

    I would tend to agree with you.

  3. L says:

    you would have enjoyed his interview this week with Kevin Bacon.

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