Brothers and Sisters 05/08

This season finale basically wrapped the series into a what I hope is a series finale bow.  While the fate of this drama is still in the balance, this ep locked up all the major characters’ stories.  Sarah and Luc got hitched with a plaid-wearing Beau Bridges looking on.  When Sarah learned that her bio-dad had been tracking her milestones through the years, she abruptly welcomed him into her life, and ostensibly into Nora’s bed.  As cheesy as it was, I did get misty when he walked her down the aisle.  Meanwhile, Justin reunited with dull what’s her name so he too got a conclusive albeit snooze-worthy happy ending.

Kitty, as twitchy and limp-haired as never before, announced her heretofore, medically unlikely pregnancy.  Poor what’s his name; he’s stuck with a baby on the way even though he looks like Kitty’s teen son.  Go back to Cougar Town while you still can!

The show appeared to realize that this could be its swan song.  To honor its ridiculous, 7th Heaven-esque approach to phone call bitchery, it “treated” the audience to approximately 8 minutes of call waiting during the opening segment.  This kind of tomfoolery makes me want to hang up for good.

Just in case the show is reprieved, Beau Bridges did note that he has four other children who could interfere with the Walker clan’s blissful endings.  These never-mentioned scion will certainly contrast the upper-crust Walker snobs with beer-swilling hijinx.  I hope this day does not come.

Finally, if this was truly the last ever episode, they STILL never mentioned Ryan Lafferty.  Would it kill someone to just name drop the bastard?  Also, Rebecca and Holly did not get a last minute cameo.  Alas.  I’ve watched this crap for many seasons without missing a beat and I am prepared to say good-bye.  Nonetheless, if the Walkers phone me up next season, sadly, I will answer.

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