Revolution (Mondays at 10pm)

Apparently, J.J. Abrams’ newest attempt at replacing the void in our hearts left by the finale of LOST is doing well for itself ratings wise.

I watch Revolution, but I am not yet a confirmed believer.  I think the idea, character portfolio and cast is all in the right place, but the show needs to find its episode by episode groove.  In my opinion, things are moving too slowly.  The writers are being a little too cagey for their own good.  Through the use of flashbacks, the show has the ability to reveal a lot of interesting back stories and pre-black out events, without hurting itself in their present day.

The obvious dilemma is how to maintain their progress in finding out what caused the blackout without actually being able to remedy the power outage.  As soon as the lights come on, the show goes off.  Actually, down the road, I surmise they will find a way to bring back the power, only to be thwarted in some way.

At this stage, I consider this a show with potential, but slow out of the gate.¬† More needs to happen in each episode.¬† Right now, the formula is the main characters travel a distance on their way to find Danny (main girl’s brother), there is a short flashback of one of the side characters, a couple of short scenes involving the main bad guy (who has yet to do anything), a couple of scenes with Danny and Giancarlo Esposito and then a mild argument, where the main guy (uncle of main girl) threatens to leave the group, but stays.¬† Enough of this.¬† Let’s get some more intrigue going.

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