Now listen to me very carefully… this film is bonkers.

The writer had a very unique set of skills… skills that allowed him to make a movie without actually writing anything.  To be fair, there were a couple of pretty amazing, albeit implausible, trekking scenes (one including some swift map work).

That is not to say I didn’t enjoy this movie – because I did.  I suppose the crew knew that with Liam Neeson running around Istanbul shooting people, the rest would work itself out.

The plot wasn’t quite as heady as the first installment (if that’s possible).  It was basically a revenge piece related to one of Neeson’s kills from Taken.  The only problem I really had with this one was that Liam encounter NO obstacles.  Sure, he had to shoot several randoms and (spoiler alert) he was momentarily captured, but nothing seemed to suggest he was going to lose in any way.  Spoiler – even his wife being captured (and re-captured) was lame – everytime Neeson found her, she’d be just waking up from a temporary state of unconscousness.

All that criticism aside, this film is quite watchable because it accomplishes its goals.  Liam Neeson on location killing bad guys and talking shit about his specialty at murdering these types of villains – check.

I’m glad I went to this and I will look forward to Taken 3 where, rumour has it, Neeson does the taking.

On a scale of Taken (7) and Unknown (7.5), I give this a 6.5.

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