A few months ago I switched my cable to AT&T u-verse.  I have the works: tv, internet, landline- because a) the cell reception at home does not exist, so thanks AT&T for that and b) to get my North American long distance on unlimited; place your phone call orders here- and cell phone.  In the few months that I made the switch, I have not once gotten a correct bill.  I wonder if on my profile there is a picture of me with the word CHUMP stamped on it.  Little do they know that I obsessively track my usage and can call them up and argue the bill every time.  The problem is that this is becoming cumbersome and very irritating.  But I won’t be grifted by these thieves, so I’ll be calling again tomorrow.

To transition this grievance into a shame, this time I made a horrifying discovery.  While the last bill was wrong in the cell phone arena, this time it was in the TV zone.  So I had to delve a little deeper into the itemized breakdown.  I was chagrined to find that everything I watched on demand, even free programs, were capably listed and date stamped.  Dear god.  Let’s just say I’m not exactly thrilled to know that someone in the AT&T billing department stays abreast of my on demand viewing of Beverly Hills Nannies and Degrassi Next Gen.  Amongst many other horrors.  Will that derail me from my bad habits?  Obviously not.  I have needs.  I’m just not keen on the idea.  And on that note, I’ll be loading up something pathetic to watch this evening.

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