GLEE – this season

So far, this season of Glee is a disjointed mess.  Are Gleeks really supposed to accept Brittany and Trouty Lips as our new leading stars?

Sadly, we are experiencing a similar downgrade in talent to what the fictional world of McKinley High is going through without Rachel, Finn, Mackenzie, Santana, Quinn and Puckerman.

My biggest gripe is the loss of Puckerman… and a little Quinn.  But for the show’s sake, a little more Finn is necessary (and after last ep’s ending, it looks like we may be in for a little Finn action).

Regardless of who is still on the show in a recurring capacity, the jump from Ohio to New York and back is not really jiving.  Yes, we care about Rachel and Kurt, but their storylines are so separated from the old gang that it makes me want for the old days where it was strictly high school high jinx.  (Anyone else love the film High School High?).

Yes, I used to complain about the repetitive nature of seasons 1-3 of Glee and yes I am now complaining that they are overextending themselves with the N.Y.C. content – I suppose I just don’t like this show and am forced to add it to the catalogue of shows I watch ‘just cause’.

I wonder if the general public shares my grievances or if America is above my fear of change.  It’s never easy to deal with characters’ lives after high school ends, but I think what we are experiencing with Glee might be particularly poor planning.  It seems like the show may be content with adding new singers each succeeding season and turning their cast into a rotating one similar to ER or other shows that do that which I cannot think of.

I’m assuming we’re going to be getting the Quinn update episode, the Mercedes one and so on.  These will be okay, but if the characters aren’t going to be featured maybe just let them phase out.

Any suggestions for Mr. Falchuk?

And for the love of Mike O’Malley, can we get some Bieste up in herrrrr???

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