Loverboy, Pat Benatar and Journey in Concert!

Last night, I enjoyed a medley of blasts from my 80′s past.  The triple threat of Loverboy, Benatar and Journey came together for just shy of 4 hours of awesomeness.

When Arnel Pineda (lead vocalist of Journey since 2007) belted out Faithfully, When the Lights Go Down in the City and Open Arms, the audience couldn’t help itself from swaying to the music.  The headlining of Journey was a smattering of new tunes from recent album Eclipse and the old gems we know and love.  I wish I had done my homework and made an effort to familiarize myself with the new stuff, but nonetheless, I was utterly entertained.

Benatar shared some tender moments alongside guitarist, Spider, her husband of 34 years.  Approaching 60 years of age, Benatar is still out there rocking it like she used to… albeit only for 40 minute intervals.

Loverboy, now more aptly described as Fat Boy, was just delightful.  Several (6?) of their hits were recognizable and I was thrilled to find out just how much I enjoy their work.  Who knew?

So, don’t give up on your 80′s glam favourites of yester-year.  They can still put on a good show and please a large audience.

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