Parenthood: Sept 25

I loved this show fanatically last season and things haven’t changed.  A straight forward family drama to be sure, PHood still explores all facets of middle-class life with humor and lots of heart.  Last week when Kristina took the medical blow of a breast cancer diagnosis, I was disheartened.  How much can the Adam wing of the Braverman clan take?  A special needs child, new baby, empty nest syndrome, financial problems, patriarchal responsibility, and now this.  But as usual, PHood is using its special lens of realism and levity to bring this story to the forefront without being treacly.  I teared when Adam confessed to niece Amber that Kristina was sick.  And I fully cried when Kristina asked him to just hear her.  So simple, but so beautiful.  I can’t even bring myself to mock any of it.

The only other A story of last night’s episode was Sarah’s blossoming employer-employee relationship with shutterbug Ray Romano.  He treats her dismissively, rumbles uncontrollably and offers little encouragement.  Obviously he will be the inevitable wrench that yanks her from Jason Ritter’s affable Mr. Cyr.  Romano is in her cynical age range and clearly will be revealed to house a sensitive inner core.  I doubt Romano will last the series so I’m not sure how I feel about him as an interloper worthy only enough of breaking the happy couple.  Thoughts?

Last week I started to actually like Julia as her foster motherhood to Victor started to coalesce.  Give me more of that next episode.  And for the love of god, keep giving Joel some lines.  Where was Drew?  I’m very excited for Amber to learn at Crosby’s hand in the music biz.Finally, the show tried to trick us into thinking Zeke was falling into a senior dementia and would fail his driver’s renewal test.  Fool on us when the proud grandpappy scored a zinging 98%.

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One Response to Parenthood: Sept 25

  1. Sarah says:

    I fully agree that Romano will be the new love interest, and I haven’t quite decided how I feel about this. I loved Sarah and Ritter last season, but they haven’t given us much to enjoy so far this season…

    I have no idea what that whole Zeke driving test bit was about, maybe it’s a build up to some shocking finale with the whole family in an intense car crash while Zeke has a heart attack at the wheel due to this “mild” heart medication?

    You didn’t bring this up, but my only problem with the breast cancer story line is that it might possibly cue the return of the loathsome Haddie. My hatred for that character knows no bounds.

    I’m also still waiting for more Amber/Max goodness. I really thought they were going to do more with that after that great episode last season where Amber works with Max in the classroom…

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