Flirt Frown

I met up with a cousin-friend, her bf and some other people she knows in LA for drinks over the weekend.  Some of her friends also brought some strange company of their own.  One guy in particular beckoned me over and started weirdly interrogating me about my life status and goals.  Buddy, I don’t know, like or find you interesting enough to go deeply into my true life aspirations.  And your pervy stare-downs aren’t inspiring any change of heart.  Nonetheless, telling you that my dream to have my teen soap on tv (that’s a real dream, wouldn’t you watch it, my LR fans?) somehow wasn’t good enough for you.  I was in no mood to elaborate on its content or on any other possible goals I may have because it was simply none of your concern.  And if this was your attempt to lay on a sweet mack, and I’m pretty sure it was- though we all know about my debilitating inability to read social cues of the romantic flavor- you need some work.  Maybe you just wanted me to say that my real long-term goal was to just blow you in the corner.  Good day to you sir.

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