Emmys 2012

We all know I consider this to be the third most vaunted day of the year.  Only second (and third) to the Golden Globes and Oscars, Emmy night is a true celebration of entertainment glory, particularly the television arts.  This lends itself to a terrible irony- as pointed out to me during an email exchange this morn, thanks Jer- which is that the television awards were broadcast as a television abomination.

While tv is surpassing movies as the best form of entertainment, both critically and enjoyably, the academy tarnished its small screen gem with a limp presentation filled with astonishing wins.  Several of my tv loving friends questioned whether the academy members actually watch tv.  The answer must simply be no.

First, the presentation.  Jimmy Kimmel was snooze-worthy, albeit thankfully brief, as the telecast host.  His bit with Tracy Morgan trying to bolster the ratings through twitter was an embarrassing dud.  I never thought I’d yearn for the other Jimmy (Fallon) so much.  Each presenter speech was worse than the last.  If I were as funny as Louis CK or as dapper as Kevin Costner, I would have simply thrown out the garbage provided and riffed free-style.  Gag.  When the only funny and noteworthy bit was a song dedicated to Kimmel sung by Josh Groban, you know you have problems.  Was anyone else wondering if Groban met up with ex January Jones backstage?  Just me?  That’s right.  I know and care a lot about Groban.  Deal with it.  It’s also very annoying to group the awards into genre categories.  Don’t front load with all the comedy people and leave the miniseries people for the back end.  Mix and match!  Even I haven’t seen all the mini/tv movies.

Winners?  In what universe can Jon Cryer win best comic lead against Louie, Baldwin, Larry and even Jim Parsons?  Sure, I think Duckie was screwed over by Blaine, but that is no excuse to award this low rent rubber faced Jim Carrey wannabe.  Sorry Jon.  It’s not your fault, but this is criminal.  And as much as I love Kevin Costner, and god knows I do, he was not deserving for Hatfields and McCoys.  I don’t think anyone voting actually watched the whole three nighter.  The previews were great but the real thing (yes, I watched dammit) was weird, confusing and ultimately disappointing.  And yet Berenger won as well.  You’ve seen Sherlock, right voters?  I don’t get it.  Lastly, Eric Stonestreet makes a fine Cam on Modern Family, and used to be my personal fav.  But his co-stars Ty Burrell (nothing short of genius) and Ed O’Neill (stoic perfection) were both more worthy.  I would even throw a bone to Max Greenfield of my beloved New Girl.  I wish he still taught spin classes in real life.

Winners.  I was personally rooting for Amy Poehler as she is great and Parks is the best.  Nonetheless, although I think Veep is uneven, Julia Louis Dreyfuss is comic gold, so I can live with it.  Plus her jaunty acceptance notes bit with Amy was one of few shining moments and demonstrated real class between the female nominees.  I think everyone was expecting Giancarlo “Gus Frings” Esposito of Breaking Bad to win, but Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman is one my top three tv characters of the current landscape so that was fine by me.  Plus his tearful and bromantic embrace with Giancarlo was magical.  I teared.  In case you care, the other two rounding up my top three are Ron Swanson and Don from Newsroom.  Special mentions for Eli and Diane of Good Wife, Opie on Sons of Anarchy, Crosby on Parenthood.  After a teenage obsession with her on MSCL, followed by a radical about face of hatred, I now consider Claire Danes to be once again on my pro-list.  She is amazing on Homeland and Homeland itself was one of the greatest seasonal marathons of my life.  Go to her.

Final thoughts, Springer style.  Jon Stewart is a funny gentleman.  Ricky Gervais is a funny boor.  I love both.

As an added bonus, I received a gift from an anonymous source of the seating chart of the Governor’s Ball and I will share a glimpse with you.  Seacrest In!

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4 Responses to Emmys 2012

  1. Sarah says:

    I assume you were including me as one of the three people who still care…

    Mandy Patinkin holla’!

  2. Rachel says:

    “That’s right. I know and care a lot about Groban. Deal with it.” Sam!

  3. Jason says:

    The best of TV may be better than most movies these days, but its claim to providing a communal experience (outside of live events) in the way it used to has never been more tenuous. The audience pool is too fractured amongst the available broadcast and cable outlets (just to start) and other competing platforms. The Emmys also suffer from repeat-winner fatigue. These factors and more make the Emmys themselves a “celebration” that is more exclusionary than some of the other more successful Hollywood awards show, and increasingly irrelevant. There is little to no cachet to winning an Emmy, either to a career of to a network’s promotions department. I think a respectablly sizable portion of nominees that probably don’t truly care what the Television Academy’s constituency thinks. And yet on the other hand, it is only a matter of time until the broadcast networks balk when it comes time for them to stop paying a license fee to air and support what has become the successor to CableACE awards.

    They are fortunate that “Modern Family” has proven so robust to carry the awards through this era. Could you imagine a “Homeland”/”Girls” or “Veep” sweep? The long term prospects to the Emmys would be a proposition open for renewed debate. The show is an outdated mechanism to recognize work broadcast on television given the fundamental shift in the model. (Is it really fair that, say, 22 episodes “The Good Wife” competes with the ten or twelve Matt Weiner had the luxury of two years to produce for “Mad Men”? And so on.)

    Even without all the political and existential factors the Emmys are grappling with, it’s the most skippable awards show. I don’t think I’ve seen it in years

  4. Jason says:

    Sorry for the errors in spelling/syntax. I am not frothing at the mouth. I simply typed this while reviewing a spreadsheet and while “looking busy”.

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