Stanley Cup Final: Game #4

As the Kings try to complete the sweep and win their first ever (is it?) Stanley Cup, Brodeur and the Devils try to save face by winning a game on the road to stave off the inevitable.  Both of these teams (seeds 6 and 8 ) were unlikely finalists.  Although Jersey has danced this dance before, this is an odd year where there isn’t at least one juggernaut in the final series (Detroit, Pittsburgh, Vancouver).

For those of you still tuning into these games, good job.  I always find my attention to the NHL Playoffs wanes around the middle of round two.  I always enjoy the epic overtime games on the west coast in round one, but eventually I care less and less about the games, they are on too infrequently (sometimes two days off) and I find myself just wanting it to be over.

LA and New Jersey are both likable enough teams.  To the winner (LA), I say congrats.

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