It pains me to my core, but I have to acknowledge that this season of Vivor is lacking in a big way.  Granted, some things have gone wrong that are out of the show’s control (Colton’s demise hurt), but the casting which is normally spot on, lost its groove with this bunch of rejects.

Survivor: One World

Pretty cool idea to have all of the players live at one camp.  This way, there were many opportunities for cross-tribe alliances and dealings.  Information could be a vital weapon.  Various items could be stolen.  Rumours could be started.  It could be the most complex game yet.  But – NONE OF THIS HAPPENED!  Oh, and it only lasted for about 4 idiotic tribal councils.  What the?

Man vs. Woman kind of bugs me because you know your classic stereotypical trash talking is going to ensue.  Challenges will not be aggressively physical for obvious reasons and there will be a lot of discussions about whether the men are being too macho and alpha-doggish or whether the women are being too catty or, alternatively, too nice and mothering.  I am bored writing this and I was bored watching this.  Although, if you’re gonna do it, FOUR WEEKS is ridiculous.  I suppose the game saw a sinking ship and had to abandon it.

Survivor: Not One World

After 4 short Tribals, the entire premise of the season is thrown asunder and we are left with a classic two tribe, two camp, inter-gendered game.  Fine.  Except, the tribes are glaringly uneven.  On one side, all of the attractive, strong, entertaining members.  On the other, Leif, Tarzan and Jonas (ahem).  Despite this accidental mishmash, the game gets more interesting.  Each tribe now has a 4-3 gender disparity, which could force people to start working the game a little more.

Sadly, these people have no game at all.  It’s remarkable how inept each player is at the game of Survivor.  I will say that Kim and Sandra have made solid efforts (even Alicia to a crazy extent), but everyone else has been coasting along as if this was summer camp.  My favourites (Troyzan and Jay) SUCK.

TWO TRIBALS (sort of)

So, the game shakes up the teams and then Colton (the only one with a high entertainment value/my hatred for him is immense) has to come out of the game due to being a bitch (and some appendix-related surgery).  This is unfortunate for the game, even though the players had been inexplicably following Colton like sheep.  Left without him, the rest of the bunch must find some semblance of a strategy.  Not gonna happen.

The show decides 2 episodes of the new tribes are enough for them.  Now, we are merged.  If I had previously turned a blind-eye to the behind-the-scenes manipulation of the game, this season I simply cannot.  I guess good for the show for trying to salvage the game, but it is too much back and forth.


Now that the teams are merged, it could be interesting to see if they revert back to man vs. woman or if they stick with their most current groupings.  Unfortunately, nobody really cares and the men decide it’s a good idea to get rid of Jonas and put their faith in the “new Salani” tribe.

Now we are left with the classic ‘can the woman stick together?’ plotline that has plagued Survivor since its inception.  Not once have a group of women bandied together successfully and made a run at the game.  EVEN in the man vs. woman season, where it was around 6 woman to Chris, Chris came out victorious.  That is all you need to know about this scenario.

With one episode under their belt, and the demise of Michael (random tool), we’ll see if this could be their season.  I believe Christina, Alicia and Kat may all be wildcards in this female alliance.  Credit where credit is due – the woman are better than the men by far.

***Giving up the Idol

This needs to be mentioned, but it may send me into a seizure reliving the tragedy that was the men’s team.  Bill and Leif (FOR NO REASON!) are on the chopping block.  The men win immunity.  Colton hates Bill (FOR NO REASON – maybe cause he’s a comedian?  Maybe cause he’s black?).  Colton, on a whim, tells the guys to give the idol to the women’s team and go to tribal.  For this to happen, ALL members (including the ones on the block) must agree.  With seemingly no hesitation (except for Jay – thank goodness), they all agree.  Not only is this insane for Bill and Leif, but the entire tribe could have been up by two players and decided it was a better idea to draw even.  The members not on the block thought it was a good idea to get rid of a member for free and then put themselves one step closer to being gone if they lost the next challenge or two.  AND, what’s more difficult to grasp, it seemed like the men weren’t even sure if they were doing this in order to get rid of Bill or if it was to re-Leif themselves of the tattletale.  Appalling.

Final Thoughts

This season is bananas.  Either the woman are now going to run the table (Kim will win) or the men will show some last minute game and flip the alliances around a little (Kim will still win).

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  1. Sarah says:

    How could you do a whole Survivor post and not comment once on how awesome Probst is. This season may be crap, but I will still watch every second as to not miss a single Probst one-liner.

  2. Jesse says:

    After yesterday’s episode, it’s all I can do not to drop Survivor altogether. Alas, it remains one of my most anticipated viewings of the week and I know this season is an aberration.

    Troyzan, you have maybe one more week to salvage something before the ladies destroy you.

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