Oscar Pool

Though I claimed I wasn’t going to participate in my own pool and only administrate the contest, I secretly deployed my own ballot.  While I had all the major categories pegged (writing, acting, pic) those pesky shorts and animated whatnots ruined my big win.  This is true despite the fact that all signs pointed to Viola Davis for actress but in my heart I knew it would be Streep.  And to all those who championed a yankee heartthrob for best actor, it appears that Pitt and the Cloons split their own votes.  In beautiful and also tragic news, apparently the two dined together post-show at an intimate restaurant.  The tragic element of this tale is that the restaurant is a mere 5 blocks from my abode.  Sadly, I was sweat panted, Chinese take-awayed and make-up free.  In short, not fit for human eyes.

Onto the celebrations.  Kudos belong to big winner and incidentally, one of LR’s most prolific comment-ers, Ms. Sarah Peacock.  A Torontonian with as much encruiseiasm as me, she submitted a fine pool ballot.  It was truly a tight race for first, but Sarah nailed the categories big and small.  I should note that my pool works on a two tier system wherein major categories count for double points.  Congratulations Sarah!  May the Cruise be with you.

PS- I only played in the pool for kicks; I wasn’t considering myself a true entrant.  I am no contest rules turncoat.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I have never been more proud than in this moment.

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