It’s an insult to watch a movie where you know the cast and crew were capable of so much better.  Yes, there were a handful of laughs and the story, albeit ridiculous, told a linear tale of a married couple trying to map out their future together. But, there’s a difference between ridiculous premise and ridiculous, unnecessary, unfunny scenes.  This film is chalk-full of disappointing tangents.

It made me stare over in anger at the folks beside me in the theatre, when they laughed at the obvious throw-away humour littered throughout the movie.  At least it was working for some people.

I love Paul Rudd and I tolerate Jennifer Aniston as much as she deserves (head and shoulders better than my enemy, Heigl).  Unfortunately, there was no chemistry to be found.  Let me put it this way… Aniston and Sandler’s pairing was more believable in Just Go With It.  Rudd did his usual sarcastic, quick-talking, rambling, funny stuff.  But, it wasn’t enough to save the awful story unfolding around him.  His schtick was much more suited for Role Models, which is an awesome movie (highly recommend it).

Justin Theroux played the leader of the hipster commune in which Aniston/Rudd found themselves en route to Atlanta, Georgia.  He is introduced as a free spirited, nature-loving, luddite, but turns sour and takes some uncharacteristic action seemingly out of the blue towards the end of the film.  He is not a funny character.  He is a caricature of a character we already don’t like.  Lame.

Alan Alda is in this.  Why, I cannot say.  He is half-unfunny, half-saving grace of the movie.  He’s not in it a whole lot, so it is irrelevant that he is still my favourite part.

Ken Marino, usually good for some laughs with his gruff attitude, delivers a few chuckles, but also an equal amount of needless racial slurs.  Marino’s dickish treatment towards his brother, Rudd, is slightly less annoying than Marino’s strung-out, alcoholic, bird-brained wife’s constant loopiness.

Here’s the plot (nothing will be spoilered).  Rudd and Aniston can’t afford to live in NYC.  They drive to Rudd’s brother in Hotlanta.  They stumble upon the commune.  The decide to give the commune a try.  There are several hippie, stupid, stereotypical characters hanging out with them.  A few cheap laughs are had.  The commune is in danger of being ruined.  Rudd and Aniston fight about stuff.  NOTHING ELSE!

Waste of time, but I kind of knew that going in and stood by my choice to whore myself out for a handful of Rudd laughs.  There is one undeniably funny scene of him in front of a mirror.  But, even that was a little too on the nose.

On a scale of My Idiot Brother (6.5) and Role Models (9), this is a 4.5

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One Response to Wanderlust

  1. Sarah says:

    Disappointing news. But will I still watch it? Yes. You saved me $15+ in deciding not to go see it in the theatre, though.

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