The Grey

Liam Neeson the action star… me likey.  Some of you folks may find it absurd that Liam has gone down this tangent for the past few years, but I really think he’s found his Niche.  Schindler what?

The Grey is an Alaskan plane crash film in the same vain as Alive.  The film actually refers to the Ethan Hawke classic (well, classic for me) at one point.  But, this movie is much more about self exploration than self preservation.  Ie. they are awful at survival!  For the first two thirds of the film, you don’t really have a good sense of the characters, but eventually they share some campfire tales and laughs and you become more involved in whether or not they are able to survive the elements.

My main problem with the movie is that it is approximately 80% wolves.  Like, wolves everywhere, man.  Good CGI (or equivalent) work, but so many wolves.  There was a little bit of variety (water play, cliff jumping, pneumonia…), but very little.  Cannibalism???  I dunno……….

Liam basically led a small group of plane crash survivors through the snowcovered Alaskan forest.  Included in this motley crew were brother from Good Wife and Dermot Mulroney (his second Alaskan film of the year – Big Miracle).  The scenery was beautiful, the fear of the wolves was real and the uncertainty of their fate was suspenseful enough to keep me entertained.  In the film, Liam’s father wrote a cheesy poem that was supposed to be his mantra and a slogan for what was happening to these half-dead Alaskan outlaws.

“Once more into the frey.  Into the last good fight I’ll ever know.  Live and die on this day… Live and die on this day.”

Good or bad – I remember it word for word, so success.

I leave you with this thought – You will not believe who lives!

On a scale of Six Days Seven Nights (3) and Alive (9), this film gets an 8.

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