Carrotman: The Conclusion

Yes folks, there is actually a third installment to this saga.  Call it the Back to the Future of the stuffed creature community.  For any newcomers, Part One involved me purchasing a delightful stuffed carrot for my friends’ new baby but coveting the carrot only to relinquish it to the rightful, age appropriate infant owner in shame.  Part Two was a triumphant gift from my bro and sister-in-law of a carrot all of my own.

This tale begins between Parts One and Two.  A good friend of mine, Liz, was visiting me in LA.  On a brief break from our celeb-hunting and exotic cocktail hoggery, she asked to use my computer back at the homestead.  I neglected to hide any shameful files before handing it over.  My shameful dossiers are not the typical pornographic pictorial folders or unsent angst-riddled email drafts.  Mine was a jpeg on the desktop called “Carrotman”.  What is this, Liz asked?  It was too late.  I allowed her to open up the picture, which revealed a lovely shot of me and, yes, the original, unrequited carrot.

A friend for some years, she was nonplussed and used to my quirks, for which I am grateful.  I only incurred a relatively light teasing.  When I received my personal carrot, she was one of the first I informed.  I think she was truly pleased.  Cut to a couple months later.  I arrived home late the other night to find a curious FedEx box sent by Liz at my door.  Gifts!  With trepidation I removed the packing tape barrier.  Lo!  Inside was Carrotman’s vegetable cousin, Mr. Broccoli.

Gleeful is all I can say.  Enjoy the picture of my growing veggie brood.  For extra shame credits, I have them reading my Soap Opera Digest.

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  1. Liz says:


    Your salad can read! Well done, Sam, well done.

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