Priestley and Me

I have already told this story to anyone who would listen.  And now I’m going to tell it to you.  The preamble is that as a youth, Little Sam (who features predominantly in this tale) would have done anything for Jason Priestley.  His Brandon Walsh was the love of her wee life.  I mean ANYTHING.  Couple that with her lifelong love of Saved By the Bell and Bev Hills original, and you are now informed enough to hear about this episode.

Friday, December 30, 2011.  The penultimate day of the year.  And the happiest day of Little Sam’s life.  I (regular Sam again) was invited to a birthday party, part one of which was a dinner, followed by a part two at a nearby bar.  This was for the birthday of a new friend and the only other person I would know was our mutual friend.  I wanted to attend and considered joining for part two.  Earlier in the day I settled on joining for the works.  Why not?

I arrived at the restaurant (Wurstkuche in DTLA if anyone cares) and saw a massive line.  What kind of joint was this?  The kind wherein celebrities host their birthdays and hog all of the space.  My kind of place indeed.  The birthday girl gleefully informed me that Tiffani Amber Thiessen was the birthday hog in question.  Already energized with happiness, my mind raced as to the former co-star possibilities of who else could be inside.

Priestley.  That’s who.  And it was Thiessen’s husband’s birthday, not even hers.  Priestley is clearly a true friend.  When we finally got seated I mumbled a greeting to the rest of the group and plopped myself side saddle on the bench seating, not even pretending to make a good first impression.  I was in stalk mode and I was ready to pounce from my perch.  Little Sam had to do what she had to do.  I spotted Priestley immediately.  I announced without hesitation that I was waiting for him to move at which point I would follow him.  What kind of person tells new people that?

Up he went.  I already had a full beer and since I was driving, required no more.  However, if Priestley is in line at the bar, I’m in line at the bar.  I sidled up and got in the line.  It was Priest and friend ordering followed by one other guy from their group, then me.  Behind me also folks of the Thiessen contingency.  Flavor country.  In retrospect, regular Sam should have been more attentive to the friend right in front of her who was handsome and talking to her.  Oh well.  I told this friend that I could only get a water due to driving.  He told me that there was a self-serve water zone just around the bend and that I really didn’t have to wait in line.  Don’t try and Priest-block me!  I stuttered, oh but by the time I get to the barkeep, maybe I’ll change my mind.

When Priestley finally got served, he had to pass by the line to return to his table.  He paused to greet the people he knew behind me and I heard him mention his beer choice.  I asked what he recommended.  He started talking but I couldn’t tell yet if he had heard me or was addressing them and it just happened to be on point.  To my endless joy, he was actually talking to me!  He brought over the bar menu and started talking about beers and his referrals.  Little Sam had no idea what he was saying because that ability had malfunctioned immediately.  All she could do was point where he pointed and say what he said to appear cognizant.  I think we thanked him.  It’s all a wondrous blur.  Something about a light choice because he had just eaten.  Thanks Jason.  Little Sam and I shared one thought: WE DID IT!

When Regular Sam stumbled to her table at the conclusion of this 2011 highlight, her back was drenched in sweat.  True story.

PS- Thiessen looked pretty and was wearing flat shoes.

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6 Responses to Priestley and Me

  1. jimmy says:

    Incredible. Nice ice-breaker, was that off the top of your head?

    You Should have ordered him a Sex on the Beach and see where it went.

  2. Laura says:

    Love that she was wearing flats!!! Great work…congratulations!

  3. Tracy says:

    I love your “stalk mode” and can picture you so vividly on your “perch”. I am happy 2011 ended with such a grand finale :-)

  4. Jason says:

    I had a knee-jerk reaction to make a reference to the Snake incident on your FB the night you gave that rejoicing man-on-the-scene status update, but I didn’t want to hang that albatross around your neck in case you were checking responses on that very special night (obviously – you weren’t). Good job. You make me “proud”

  5. Shanna says:

    “Snake” – this sounds like a story I should hear. Next time we get together, expect an inquiry.

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