Mirror mirror, on the any surface

I left work today and stepped off the elevator on the office building ground floor.  The door opens onto the moderately reflective surface of the first floor business outer walls.  As all vains of my kind, I often do a quick check of myself whenever the opportunity presents.  Just to make sure there isn’t anything amok with my appearance.  Since I chopped four inches off my hair the other day, I have been even more concerned.  So today, when I caught a glimpse, rather than doing a split second once over, I actually approached the glass wall for a sustained look.  It was after 7pm and there wasn’t anyone around.  Except the really cool and well-dressed girl who immediately departed a second elevator beside mine.

Chagrined, I apologized to her.  Hey, I just got a hair cut and I’m not used to it.  She seemed confused.  She asked if it had been long before and when I affirmed this, she said the new cut looked lovely.  Thanks.  But then I continued to bashfully excuse my staring at self behavior.  She then said she hadn’t noticed.  Why do I do these things.  The only thing left was to compliment her really trendy hair.  Sigh.

As I was off to a glamorous night of picking up take-out sushi across the street and settling in with Probst, it was imperative that I looked my best.  I’ve been in pjs since the second I got home.

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