Celebrity Murder

I think this is funny.

I came home from the movies (see above blog) to a Facebook message from co-LR writer and sibling with the following message… “Oldman killed”

I immediately went into a panic searching the Internet (I’m a searcher, not a surfer)  to see if there was any breaking news on the death of Gary Oldman.

Meanwhile, I was Skyping with my wife, who was upstairs in our house (long story short, we like to play Facebook Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader at the same time… my wireless connection is weak upstairs and her laptop battery denies her the right to bring it downstairs… Skype allows us not to shout at each other… even though our home is small… the moral of this parenthetical is that FB makes a mean online game).

GARY OLDMAN… let’s get the motha back on track.  In my panicked state, I told wifey that my sister just informed me of some shocking news.  Gary Oldman had been killed.  Her reply was, “Did he die or was he killed?”  I told her that the message clearly indicated Oldman had been murdered.  And, what are the odds?  He has a new movie coming out today… Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy… the very same movie my sister was going to see… the perfect time for some lunatic to kill Gary Oldman.

My wife then shamed me.  “Maybe Sam meant that he killed it.”

“What? Wait… yeah… killed it… movie… Sam… tonight… no news on Oldman… not murdered… good at the acting.”

Shame 1, me 0… Gary Oldman 10.

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