Children Not Required

A recent conversation with a co-worker I haven’t rapped much with yet:

Him: So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Me: I’m going to a friend’s place for dinner.  Then we might check out the new Muppets movie.  What about you?

Him: Oh, we’re having dinner at our place.  My mom will join.

Me: That sounds nice.

Him: So, you must have kids.

Me: I’m sorry?

Him: A child.  You know.  You’re taking them to the Muppets.

Me: Oh.  Right.  No.  Um…I’m the child.  I am the child.

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2 Responses to Children Not Required

  1. Sarah says:

    That’s ridiculous. Almost everyone I know that’s our age wants to see the new Muppets movie – we grew up with them!

  2. Jason says:

    Agreed with Sarah. The Muppets is tracking better with adults than with children, which was always going to be the marketing challenge with opening this movie.

    I for one am also cautiously looking forward to it. I’m a big Muppets fan but through the years they have always been very vulnerable to the at times wildly varying quality of their material.

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