A Change Gonna Come

I do a daily Tim Horton’s drive-thru coffee run on my way home from work.  Today was like all others.  I went to my wallet looking for change.  So close to perfect change.  I sifted through my emergency coffee change pile located in cup-holder A in my car.  So close but it was not to be.  With change still in my left hand, but lacking, I decided not to hold up the drive thru line any longer and grabbed a five dollar bill.  I handed it to the cashier, received my coffee and, still holding change in my hand, decided the transaction was complete.  I drove away swiftly only to later realize the change in my hand was from my failed attempt at paying in quarters.

The moral of the story is I drove away having paid $5 for my coffee… not even a Starbucks coffee.  I’m talking overpayment by three dollars plus.  Shameful indeed.  But not quite as shameful as if I had decided to drive back around and ask for my money.

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