Don’t you do it, NBC

A friend’s Facebook status alarmed me greatly last night.  Apparently NBC has put Community on hiatus.  Prognosis… undetermined. 

Admittedly, this season has been a failure compared to the high bar set by the show previously.  However, this season has exhibited glimpses of greatness.  Anyone who witnessed Troy being coerced into a life of an Air Conditioner repairman by Vice-Dean John Goodman knows how good Community can get.

It is worth noting that NBC pulled a similar plug on Parks and Recreation – we all know how that turned out.  Parks came back strong and awesome.  I hope Community has the same fate.

I will certainly be keeping watch to see what happens to the show.  And I will be quite upset if cancellation is on the horizon.

Not sure how many episodes are left, but tonight’s mockumentary featuring Luis Guzman was more like what I expect.

More Dean, less Chang GOOD.

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