Leons Ho Ho… Hold on, your furniture sucks!

Our Leons saga continues.  But, I feel this is a good time to discuss the past 2 weeks of fun we have enjoyed trying to get our new bedroom furniture.

Prior to moving, we ordered a new bedroom set from a Leons store in Toronto.  For those LR fans Americano, Leons is a popular furniture outlet store that has relentless commercial advertising, including its seasonal Ho Ho Hold the Payments campaign.  At any rate, our furniture was to be delivered from a store in Burlington, Ontario on November 1st.

They called me the day before the delivery and said we’d be the 13th delivery of the day.  No estimated time frame.  Even the cable guy gives me a 3 hour window, which he then disregards.  But, this is not my grievance.

The delivery came on the 1st and when I got home from work to help my wife assemble it, we noticed several minor flaws.  One of the nightstands was put together improperly, so the wood facing wasn’t aligned.  The foot-board had noticeably been damaged either from being dropped or bit into.  The dresser drawers were all off in their alignment and the tape from the packaging had left permanent streaks all over it.

So, we wait a few days for a technician to come and inspect the problems.  He agrees that the foot-board and dresser need to be replaced and he puts some stain on the nightstand to cover up the problem.  Fine.  But, now we have to wait for his report to go in the next day, so we can get a call confirming the replacements.  No call.  My wife phones them and complains.  They say they’ll call tomorrow.  No call.  I call the next night and they say they were just about to phone us.  Sure.  They agree to replace the foot-board and dresser, but want us to wait a week for the delivery.  I complain.  They agree to come in 2 days.

The second delivery.  They bring in the new foot-board.  They suggest I come outside to inspect the new dresser, which has apparently already been inspected by their main supervisor.  I look at the drawers and think they are much better.  Then one of the delivery men notices a large nick in the side of the dresser.  Crap-jackers!  They phone their store in Burlington to see if I can get a discount.  Burlington says they have to call Toronto and then call me.  I wait.  The delivery men wait.  Finally a phone call and an offer of a discount, which I take.  But, I need to go into a Leons store to get the credit.

Game over?  Nope.  That night, we try to put the bed together, but the rails are too long and they can’t properly lock into place.  Kill me.  Take my broken, now midget-sized, screwdriver (it was broken during this debacle) and finish me off.  We still have no bed to sleep in.

Today, my my wife, in all her fury, talked to Leons about 5 times and finally they agree to send another technician tomorrow to fix the bed, replace the dresser or just take everything back.

A long, boring story.  But, for me, a story that is all too real.  Stay tuned to see what goes wrong next!

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