Cinematic Regret

I recently made a new acquaintance whilst in the midst of AFI Fest.  I espoused my philosophy that any movie is better than no movie.  In short, half the battle of providing me happiness is just going to the theater at all.  A good movie only enhances the experience.  He then asked me what was the last movie I actually regretted seeing and paying for.  I was momentarily stumped.  Then I came up with a solid list of three recent choices that I rue.  Battle LA was not even a so terrible it’s funny action adventure.  Waste.  Grown Ups needs to annotation.  I believe I’ve been clear about my hatred for this film.  Larry Crowne was a tragic attempt to make Hanks-Roberts relevant is a post-recession world of spiraling depression.  Maybe the worst movie of the year.

LR fans- I call out to you.  What films do you regret seeing?  I really want to know…

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3 Responses to Cinematic Regret

  1. Sarah says:

    Hall Pass, Zookeeper, Cedar Rapids.

  2. Jason says:

    I can’t overstate how very, very, close I was to walking out on “Watchmen” but because I was there with something of a Whitney Hall reunion posse – yourself included – I stuck it out mainly because I didn’t want people to speculate about where I had gone and why I wasn’t coming back. I didn’t want to harbor anyone with four hours’s worth – (or whatever its bloated runtime was) – of concern. You’re welcome!

    A similar thing happened one summer with some high school friends when I was dragged to see “Autumn in New York”, essentially kicking and screaming. Luckily for that one it was an emptier theatre (what? go figure!) and I was able to nestle into my seat and drift off for awhile. That said, the only alternative under discussion that night was “The Cell”, so perhaps the only way I’d have been better off is by spending the evening at home…

  3. Shanna says:

    As you know, I go to the theater maybe five times a year. MAYBE. I don’t tend to go see a movie unless I’m already pretty sure it’s going to be awesome. The last movie I saw in a theater that I really regretted was a long time ago… A.I. My loathing for AI is profound. I walked out of that theater thinking that it had tricked me several times into the relief that it was finally over, only to discover that there was another even more ridiculous bit of story left. I walked out regretting that I hadn’t spent those 15 dollars on more personalized abuse.
    Saint Ignatius proposed a beneficial spiritual exercise would be to imagine the place reserved personally for you in Hell. I question the benefit of this exercise, but I’m pretty sure mine involves repeated viewings of A.I.

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