My wife and I just moved into a house.  While unpacking, I came across a CD of our wedding and proudly had it on display on our new IKEA shelves.

Wife: What is that hideous disk doing there?

Me: It’s our wedding video.  Why don’t you care about this?

Wife: I care about the photos.  I told you, I’ll never watch that thing again.

Me: Yes you will.

Wife: No – I won’t.

Me: When we’re 70, you’ll watch it good.

Wife: Alright, if you make it to 70, and you still have it, we can watch.

Me: 70?  I’m cruising to 70.  I have a new lease on life.

Wife: Really?  That’s great.

Me: Well, it’s actually a one year lease.  I’m going month-to-month after that.

Yes, I posted this just for the last line because I thought it was funny.  No, I guess it wasn’t worth it.  Stay tuned for some of my old stand-up.

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3 Responses to Unpacking

  1. Karen says:

    haha I laughed again and I was there when it happened!

  2. Kelsey says:

    wow. you guys are hilarious.
    also it still surprises me every time you call her your wife!

  3. L says:

    Kelsey–you’re right on both counts! hiliarious and wife, both make me laugh. To be fair, Karen did say she was not interested in the video, but I love watching it over and over again.

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