Turbulent Times

I flew to Toronto the other day.  The air was windy and the stomach was in knots.  I don’t flatter myself as being the most seasoned traveler, but I am usually at ease.  So, when we pitched and heaved through the air, it was something more than basic turbulence that caused my anxiety.  Meanwhile, the plane was equipped with live satellite television on personal screens.  I took this opportunity to indulge in a long-awaited episode of Young and the Restless, followed by a healthy dose of Days of Our Lives.  As an aside, with the re-introduction of John, Marlena, Austin, Carrie and Jack, the show is on fire.  It has not been this watchable in many years.  If you are a latent fan, I urge you, give it a chance.  You will not be disappointed.  Anyway, back to the plane.  At the peak of my anxiety, sure to be imminently crashing, I looked up at my screen.  A sight for sore and panicked eyes, it was John Black himself.  If I’m going down, what a way to go.  As I gripped the arm rests in terror, I sent up a plaintive, silent prayer:  Fire Up The Bird…

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One Response to Turbulent Times

  1. Rachel says:

    I think it’s possible that John Black could heal even my travel anxiety. And that’s a fact.

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