Craziest Day of Baseball Ever

My quick facebook message explanation to fellow LR writer.

Boston and Tampa tied for the wildcard
Tampa playing the Yankees
Boston playing Baltimore
if they both lose or both win, they play a 1 game playoff tomorrow
Boston is up 3-2 in the 7th… cue 2 hour rain delay
meanwhile, Tampa is losing to the Yankees 7-0
In the 8th inning, Tampa scores 6 runs
Boston game continues after delay… they go to the bottom of the 9th up 3-2
9th inning of the Tampa/Yankees game… Tampa down to their final strike… HOMERUN to tie the game and send it to extra innings
Boston’s closer tries to end the game in the 9th… Baltimore down to their final out… a double to tie the game… then a single to win it in a walk-off
Boston must pray for the Yankees to win… what a predicament
Bottom of the 13th inning… Tampa just finds out Boston lost… if they win the game, they make the playoffs… HOMERUN… Walkoff win into the playoffs
the unbelievable part is that Tampa was 9 games behind Boston at the beginning of September
one of the biggest screw ups ever

Report · 12:49am
Who’s the regular ALEast Card? Yanks?

Report · 12:49am
Yankees in first place… no pressure on tonight, but they tried hard

Report · 12:50am
So it’s Yankees, Tampa….and

Report · 12:50am
Yankees play Detroit and Tampa plays Texas

Report · 12:50am

Report · 12:50am
NOW… while these games were going on, the National League had its own drama

Report · 12:50am
Dear god

Report · 12:50am
Same situation… Braves and St. Louis tied for the wildcard with one game left
Braves were up 9 games in September and squandered their lead
Braves playing Philly (who is locked in first place like the Yanks)
St. Louis playing Houston
the Cardinals crush Houston in just over 2 hours… no contest
Braves are up 3-2 over Philly
Top of 9th, Phillies tie the game… send it to extra innings
Top 11, Phillie scores and Braves can’t come up with anything in the bottom… they are out of the playoffs in a shameful manner
An epic night of baseball…
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