Yesterday I learned something magnificent.  While it is not celebrity gossip per se, it moved me and hopefully will spurn you to happiness as well.  I was hanging out with some people yesterday and Jason Priestley came up into the conversation.  Nothing unusual so far.  One guy regaled the group with a beautiful tale set at a local LA gym.  He recounted an incident from just a few days ago wherein he saw Priestley and Ziering approaching the same gym together.  Not only did they go as gym buddies, but the guy also saw them spotting each other on the weight machines minutes later.  Brandon and Steve live on!  I might have to get a new gym membership.

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2 Responses to PriestZier

  1. anthi says:

    this WARMS my heart. re-watching 90210 a couple years ago really turned me onto Steve. he might be the best of the bunch…

  2. Rachel says:

    so good to know.

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