Are any of these funny?

Are any of these funny?  My instinct is this bit sucks, but you tell me.

1. Hi, my name is Richard Inbut.  My friends call me Dick.

2. Hi, my name is Andrew Peacock.  My friends call me Drew.

3. Hi, my name is Tessie Stickel.  My friends call me Tess.

4. Hi, my name is Jennifer Atalwoort.  My friends call me Jenn.

5. Hi, my name is William Yusukmakok.  My friends call me Will.

6. Hi, my name is Henry Erchiff.  My friends call me Hank.

7. Hi, my name is Benjamin Dover and this is my friend Callem Edouya.  People call us Ben and Lem.


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2 Responses to Are any of these funny?

  1. Sarah says:

    I don’t get it.

  2. Sam says:


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