Federer/Nadal… Round 5

For the 5th time (4th time in the Finals), Nadal and Federer square off at the French Open – where Federer has yet to beat Nadal.  It has been the dream matchup for the last 7 years.  Perhaps this year was a little different because Djokovic came in as the number two seed and lots of people wanted to see him get tested against Nadal on the clay of Roland-Garros.  But, I bet you won’t hear many complaining about Sunday’s finale.

This morning, a spry and determined Roger Federer tussled with Djokovic and came out on top.  The win finally gave critics something to write about other than Fed’s impending wilting.  It also stopped Novak’s streak of wins in 2011, two short of the record.  And, to top things off, Federer’s victory put the kibosh on Djokovic’ bid for becoming #1 in the world (albeit, maybe only temporarily).  Had Djokovic won the match, he would have become #1 at the end of the tournament, win or loss against Nadal.

For people on the east coast, Sunday’s final begins at 9am and it should be another classic.  Nadal is not at his usual ungodly best and Fed is as hungry as ever to win another slam.

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