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I’m testing how to upload videos to You Tube for your viewing pleasure.  If this works, look forward to a new (video) world of Let’s Rap. Enjoy a glimpse of my dog… Regis Puppy Jr.

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Did y’all know that Cee Lo Green and Gnarls Barkley are one and the same?  Does this not give him vaster amounts of street cred? Chew on that, fans.

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Jokes, Jokes, Jokes

Hey y’all.  I thought it might be fun to get interactive with all (4?) of our readers.  So, I have surfed ye old Internet in search of a joke.  I picked the first one I found and it happened to … Continue reading

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Just Another Friday Night Uncut Internet Chat

The Following is an uncut conversation between the sister and me.  All you need to know is that I recently started watching a new(ish) show called Treme, created by the same peeps as The Wire (the best show ever made).  … Continue reading

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