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Yesterday I found myself in another vomitorious moment at the gym.  This time it was not because of my crippling lack of fitness.  This time, the situation cut to my core.  The spin instructor- and incidentally my newly minted FB … Continue reading

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Flirt Frown

I met up with a cousin-friend, her bf and some other people she knows in LA for drinks over the weekend.  Some of her friends also brought some strange company of their own.  One guy in particular beckoned me over … Continue reading

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John Mayer’s My Body Is A Wasteland

No, this isn’t a cheeky song of the day.  It is an ode to my own physicality.  On a day of relaunching- primarily this here site- I also decided to re-commit to my fitness.  After two weeks in Toronto and … Continue reading

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Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I went into this high school set film with a combination of heightened trepidation and secret excitement.  As a major fan of the novel on which it is set, I was worried the diary style format would lose its essence … Continue reading

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Emmys 2012

We all know I consider this to be the third most vaunted day of the year.  Only second (and third) to the Golden Globes and Oscars, Emmy night is a true celebration of entertainment glory, particularly the television arts.  This … Continue reading

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What To Expect When You’re Expecting: Just What You’d Expect

Greetings loyal readers and new explorers.  Back from an inexcusable hiatus, Let’s Rap is ready to rock the Summer movie season.  Why see this ensemble, predictable rom-com?  For the same reason I ran to Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve: … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend Cinema

When I go home for holiday weekends, I must immediately schedule time to attend my places of worship.  These are solemn excursions; my time at various Torontonian movie theaters is precious.  With that in mind, I galvanized all strength and … Continue reading

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Oscar Pool

Though I claimed I wasn’t going to participate in my own pool and only administrate the contest, I secretly deployed my own ballot.  While I had all the major categories pegged (writing, acting, pic) those pesky shorts and animated whatnots … Continue reading

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Everybody Wants Something

As was rightly noted in the comments (thanks Laura), part of the Wheels memorial should include the immortal Zit Remedy classic, Everybody Wants Something.  I hope, wherever he is, Neil found his something.

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Wheels To Heaven

I will attempt to leave the funny alone for this post.  It is a sad week in Canadian media as shocking and bizarre news hit the papers yesterday about Neil Hope.  Known in his youth as the bespectacled and bemulleted … Continue reading

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